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Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson

Buyer Specialist

My path to real estate was not at straight as it could have been, but I ended up exactly where I want to be.

Growing up in New Jersey, I had a desire to serve my country, and when it came time for my next step after high school I found that opportunity at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Little did I know what beauty awaited me in Colorado Springs! After graduation I spent nine years on active duty and lived in four separate locations from coast to coast. I knew, though, that I would end up back in Colorado.

After I left the military in 1998, my wife and I put down roots in Colorado Springs. I put my education and training to work in corporate America, spending 18 years in various leadership roles with Verizon. Eventually I realized that the opportunity to serve my community in a more meaningful way lay in the real estate business.

Having always kept real estate as an avocation, I transitioned from a part-time real estate investor of 13 years to a full-time Broker Associate with The Gold Medal Team at RE/MAX Properties. All, told, I bring my 30+ years of military education, training and service, corporate training and experience, and real estate training and experience to bear for every client on every transaction.